Wednesday, October 24, 2012

 What an amazing weekend!!  Saturday we had two of the funnest games of the year.  John's family came and supported both of them, so much fun!!
 John and Ken coaching their boys!

 We had the best date.  Went to dinner at Desert edge pub and caught a game at the most beautiful field in utah!   Judge has the greatest view right over their football field.  Then a great movie after.  I love dating this man so much.  He still to this day treats me the same way he did on our first date 22 years ago.

Friday, October 19, 2012

I love that my girls have boyfriends who will come over and help me sand my cabinets!!  They are such great kids.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Oct. 13, 2012

Love my boys

 I love our weekends together.  We went to our favorite restaurant (Johannas kitchen)  And took a drive up the canyon.  It was breathtaking.   I am enjoying being with my family so much this fall.  One of the greatest things we have done is taking dance out of our lives.  We have quit spending so much time at a dance studio and now spend time together as a family eating dinners together, talking, watching our favorite shows, getting home work done and playing.   It has greatly benefitted our busy family.

 Jt is in heaven with his two favorite girls!

 Exhausted after playing all weekend.  These two fall asleep in each others arms every night.  I have never seen a connection between two people in all my life.  When one wakes up in the morning she will make the other one her lunch and draw pictures on the sack with her twins name on it and make her breakfast.  They serve and love each other so much.  Beautiful example of unconditional love.
 Caramel apples is a tradition in October.  We made the most delicious caramel apples and ate them all!!  So yum.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cycling therapy!!

 I think the thing that has saved me this summer and fall are my cycle rides.  I fill my water bottles, pump my tires up, strap on my helmet and put on my music.   I go into a world that is all mine.  I am alone, just me and the road, and my thoughts.  I pray, I meditate, I make plans, think of my dreams and goals.
  I feel this time has been the most inspirational time of my life.  I find so much gratitude as I look up to the mountains or across the valley.  Sometimes as I soak up the beauty of our world I am so full of gratitude for where I live, my health, my family and my life that I find myself on the verge of tears.
When I return home I feel like a new person, I am strong, I am happy and I feel I can handle what life has to offer me.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Son's poem..
Black is a camp out under the trees
When all you can feel is the gentle night breeze.
Black is depression, a spider, a crow
Black is the tree scraping on the window
Black is a panther, Black is a cat
and also the sound of wings on a bat.
Black is a rainstorm, and a dirty worm.
The sound of black is woosh, woosh, woosh,
as the wind tries to move the trees with a sudden push
Black is a mountain after fire, and all the things we don't desire.
Black is a fright, and a day with no delight.
Black is a night without a moon, and waiting for something that won't come soon